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Technology Article


Saturday, March 19th 2022

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Online Booking For Pet Business Just Got Better

Author: Wiki Pet - Approved By: Bill Krom

Technology in pets
Pawfinity V5 Online Booking
Skip the read and jump straight to the best online booking system on the planet: Pawfinity Online Booking

Let's face it folks.. online booking, well... it's terrible. We can sugar coat this in so many different ways, and make endless excuses for the software companies and their apparent indifference to our pain while booking, but the truth remains; online booking generally sucks. Browsing day by day (or weekly in some cases), fishing for availability, getting excited to find the service your looking for only to be greeted with "not available", and once again being forced back to the grueling monotony of finding availability. Pawfinity felt our pain, heard our silent cries for BETTER ONLINE BOOKING, and has come to the rescue.

Online Booking Just Got An Upgrade

In January 2022, Pawfinity launched an all new online booking system with their Version 5.0 release. Apparently, the good people at Pawfinity agreed that the current model for online booking was no longer going to make the grade, and that a better solution was possible and necessary in modern day appointment booking. They completely discarded all notions of what online booking is today, and created from scratch their vision of what online booking could be, and we love it.

The Removal Of "No"

Pawfinity used a concept they're describing as "the removal of no" as the basis for the UI flow of their revolutionary online booking system. Through this concept, visitors are greeted with only available services (all of them) for an entire month. This allows visitors to skip over the entire process of fishing for availability and the inevitable let down when they come to realize what they're looking to book isn't actually available.

That Oh So Familiar Feel

By removing "no", Pawfinity is able to create a look and feel of an ecommerce experience, something everyone with a computer or smartphone is familiar with. The entire process has been streamlined into an enjoyable and fluid shopping experience which they claim will drastically improve conversions for all those booking online.

Book Anything

The online booking system at Pawfinity was built with the intention of being configured endlessly, allowing it to perfectly fit the needs of any pet service business. Grooming salons, mobile pet groomers, dog trainers, pet nail service, pet therapy, and pet dental services all have different requirements on how and when they provide their services, and the new online booking system from Pawfinity can not only adapt to fit any of them, it can adapt to fit ALL OF THEM, even within the same business.

Industry Best Speed and Performance

While the front-end interface is quite impressive, the truly impressive feat is software behind the scenes which drives this incredible online booking system for pet businesses.

Pawfinity is able to render a full month of appointment availability and display every service your company offers, in under 1 second. This is a drastic leap from the benchmarks found at their market peers. For example, as of the time of this post, the booking system for Daysmart pet takes between 1 - 3 seconds to load 7 days of availability for a single service.

The Industry's Most Seamless Integration

To top it all off, Pawfinity created a revolutionary API integration which allows pet service businesses to embed this incredible booking system directly into most websites, seamlessly. Their integration is so seamless in fact, that it is nearly impossible to determine where their booking integration begins and your website ends. Never before have we seen an integration this fluid in a booking system, whether in pets, or in the generic booking software category.

Changing The Game

The Pawfinity Advantage is quite apparent with the launch of this revolutionary new online booking system. They have once again raised the bar for software in the pet service business vertical and continue to push technology further ahead, leaving the others in the dust.

If you're looking for a truly powerful pet grooming software, mobile grooming software, kennel software, dog daycare software, dog training software, or pet nail service software, Pawfinity has what you're looking for.

Have a look at Pawfinity, The World's Favorite Premium Pet Software

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