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Search By Body Area - Reproductive System




21 Results

Abscence of Milk

Milk may be absent because it has failed to let down or because the dam is not producing milk....

Acute Septic Mastitis

Acute mastitis is an infection or abscess of one or more of the mammary glands....


This is an infection of the prepuce and head of the penis. The prepuce is a sheath of skin that folds over the head of the penis....

Caked Breasts

Milk accumulation in late pregnancy and during lactation may increase to the point where the teats become distended, painful, and warm. They are not infect...


Endometritis is a low-grade bacterial infection of the uterus that occurs as a sequel to a postpartum infection of the uterus, and occasionally as a result...

Infected Uterus

Acute metritis is a bacterial infection that spreads upward into the uterus during the birthing process or shortly after....

Infection of the Testicles

Infections and injuries of the testicles are common causes of male infertility....

Mammary Gland (Breast) Tumors

The mammary glands in female dogs vary in number and can be determined by counting the nipples. The typical female has 10 mammary glands, 5 on each side of...

Penis Trapped Outside Sheath

In dogs with this condition, the extended penis is unable to return to its former position inside the sheath. Long hair on the skin around the sheath cause...