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57 Results

Abdominal Wounds

Only a thin layer of skin, fat, and muscle protects the stomach, intestines, liver, and other abdominal organs - called the viscera - from the outside worl...

Anaphylactic Shock

Anaphylactic shock is an immediate, serious allergic reaction. The most common drug allergen that causes anaphylactic shock is penicillin. The venom in the...

Bites From Animals

Cats and dogs are sometimes bitten by wild animals like raccoons, but they are more likely to be bitten by other pets. Dogs tens to be bitten by other dogs...


Bleeding often looks more serious than it really is. Clotting usually begins in 60 - 90 seconds, and a scab will form after a few hours. Some of the safest...


This condition is a major cause of sterility and spontaneous abortion in dogs. Puppies infected in utero are typically aborted at 45 to 59 days after conce...

Canine Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis

This is a relatively common rickettsial disease caused by the organisms E. canis and E ewingii, although several other rickettsia are capable of causing eh...

Canine Hepatozoonosis

This is a protozoan disease transmitted by the brown dog tick. Of the two types of brown dog tick seen in the United States, H. americanum causes a more se...

Canine Herpesvirus

Canine herpesvirius is widespread in the dog population and produces a variety of illnesses. It is one of the agents implicated in the kennel cough complex...

Canine Salmon Poisoning Disease

This is a severe rickettsial disease of dogs and wild canids (wild dogs) that requires the presence of several intermediate hosts including snails, flukes,...

Car Accidents

Dogs and cats often survive car accidents because they are protected to some extent by thick layers of fur and their rather remarkable flexibility. Their f...