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15 Results

Ceruminous Gland Tumors

These tumors arise from wax-producing glands in the ear canal. They are pinkish-white dome shaped growths, less than 1cm across. Most are pedunculated (on ...


For a dog to hear, the cells that transmit sounds must be intact, as well as the braincells that interpret the sounds....

Ear Allergy

Dogs with canine atopy and food hypersensitivity dermatitis are predisposed to develop inflamed ears. In fact, ear involvement may be the only indication o...

Ear Fissure

Ear Fissure Occurs in breeds with floppy ears. It results from intense scratching along with violent head shaking, which causes the ears to snap....

Ear Flap Injuries

The ear flap, or pinna, is a sheet of cartilage covered on both sides by a layer of skin and hair. The pinna is often involved in diseases as part of a gen...

Ear Frostbite

Frostbite affects the ear tips of dogs left outdoors in severe winter weather, particularly under conditions of high wind and humidity....

Ear Infection

External otitis is an infection of the ear canal. Ear problems are estimated to affect up to 20% of all dogs and up to 7% of cats. The ear canals are delic...

Ear Mites

Ear mites, tiny spider-like parasites that suck lymph from the skin of the ear canal, are another common cause of infections. Mites make pets ears itchy an...

Fly Bite Dermatitis

Biting flies can attack the face and ears of dogs, sucking blood and inflicting painful bites over the tips or bent folds of the ears. These bites don't bl...

Foreign Object in Ear

Dogs and cats ears are pretty well protected by fur, especially in the case of floppy-eared dogs. Once in a while however, a foreign object can fall down i...