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Dog Health Symptom: Not eating




9 Results

Abscessed Roots

Root abscesses can affect any of the teeth, but the ones most commonly involved are the canines and the upper fourth premolars....


Fever is an elevated temperature that is generated by the body to fight disease. Normal can and dog body temperature ranges between 99 and 102.5F....

Foreign object in mouth

Foreign objects in the mouth include bone splinters, slivers of wood, sewing needles and pins, porcupine quills, fish hooks, and plant awns. Sharp objects ...

Head and Neck Abscesses

Head and neck abscesses are caused by infected animal bites and sharp objects that work their way into the soft tissues, such as wood splinters, pins, chic...

Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are most common in older dogs and cats who have some other illness, such as kidney disease or diabetes. Dental disease is also a common cause o...

Neck Pain

Dogs and cats often suffer neck pain from straining muscles or developing disk problems in the spine. This kind of neck pain is more common in dogs than in...

Poisoning, Food

Dogs who eat raisins and grapes are at risk for acute and possibly fatal kidney failure. Most dogs will vomit some of the raisins or grapes withing hours o...

Sore Mouth

Stomatitis is inflammation of the mouth, gums, and tongue. Stomatitis can be a local manifestation of a systemic disease. It is seen in dogs with kidney fa...