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Dog Health Symptom: Coughing




30 Results


Pneumonia is uncommon in healthy adult dogs. It tends to target the very young and the very old, and those whose immune systems have been compromised as a ...

Pulmonary Infiltrates of Eosinophils

Pulmonary Infiltrates of Eosinophils (PIE) is an uncommon respiratory disease in dogs, caused by the presence of numerous eosinophils (a type of white bloo...

Puppy Septicemia

Blood-borne infections in young puppies are caused by bacteria that gain entrance via the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. They occur in puppies 5 ...

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Rocky Mountain spotted fever is a rickettsial disease caused by Rickettsia rickettsii and transmitted by several species of ticks. It is the most significa...

Smoke Inhalation

Fire produces gas, which suspends carbon particles in the air, creating smoke. Five common components of smoke make pets (and people) sick when they are in...

Sore throat

These two conditions have a common cause and thus often occur together. In fact, sore throats do not usually occur as isolated infections in dogs, the way ...


This disease is caused by a protozoan that infects warm-blooded animals. Cats are the definitive host, but other animals, including dogs and humans can act...

Tumors of the Respiratory System

Benign and malignant tumors occur in the larynx, trachea, bronchi, and lungs....

Valley Fever

This is the most severe and life-threatening of the systemic fungal diseases. Coccidiodomycosis is found in dry, dusty parts of the southwestern United Sta...

Worms, Roundworms

Many parasites can reside inside a pets gastrointestinal tract. The most common causes of problems are roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, and hea...