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Meredith h. Sonson

  • A Photographer (Pet Photography & Fine Art Photography)
  • Currently living in Malibu CA United States.
  • I have a Dog and a Cat

I'm a new member, my profile info is slowly coming along. I'm originally from Miami Beach and now I live in Malibu. I love the beach (and so does my dog Peanut.) I am a huge animal lover and have so much compassion for animals. I love nature, art, photography, adventures (I'm going sky diving for the 1st time and I'm so excited.) I am an "adult" but feel like a kid, very young at heart, I don't judge people and I make the best of things. A couple of my favorite quotes are "There are no problems, only opportunities for solutions" and "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." The second quote is so true and anyone who has a dog agrees that the bond and love b/w you and your dog is a love like no other, it is so special and until you have experienced it you will never understand. It's a beautiful thing.

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