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Sabrina (Dog)

12 yr old Female Australian Cattle Dog

Sabrina and two of her sisters were abandoned in a rural area in northwest Missouri when they were about four months old. They were subsequently rescued by M'Shoogy's Emergency Animal Rescue in Savannah, Missouri. We speculate that the girls had been dumped by a puppy miller who was unable to sell them but found them unacceptable for breeding. The pups were anti-social and terrified of everything. Nonetheless, we adopted Sabrina and her sister, Kristine, and my niece adopted their other sister, Bella. All three girls are now happy and well-adjusted. Sabrina is still a bit shy around new people, but her favorite activity is snuggling with her humans. She also enjoys playing with her sister and her brother, Dakota, and going for rides and walks.

Dakota (Dog)

17 yr old Male Alaskan Malamute

Dakota's bio. is forthcoming!

Kristine (Dog)

12 yr old Female Australian Cattle Dog

Kristine's bio. is forthcoming!